ViRTC (beta)

A Web-powered Virtual Desktop for the Oculus Quest. No install required!


What is this? What does it do?

ViRTC is a tool that is focused on letting you easily stream your desktop screen to an Oculus Quest via the browser. No installation is required, everything runs in the browser on both sides.

What browsers and devices are supported?

For on the desktop, Google Chrome has shown the best, latency-free experience so far.

When it comes to headsets, the focus of the tool is solely on the Oculus Quest. Support for other similar devices may be added later.

Is it safe? Can other people view my desktop?

It is safe. The technology makes use of WebRTC, which lets browsers connect to each other peer-to-peer. This way, your desktop is able to connect straight to the headset without any server in-between.

No relay servers are being used and only straight peer-to-peer is supported.

No data is stored anywhere. The backend only uses the pin to let the browsers signal each other, but no private information is stored.

It's not connecting.

Make sure that both devices are connected on the same wifi network.

What is the use case for this tool?

For when you need some privacy to work or want to avoid any distractions in your environment.

When building WebVR experiences, this will let you easily switch between your desktop and the virtual environment.

(working with a large screen is also pretty sweet)

How about support for multiple displays? What about positioning or scaling the display?

Stay tuned...

Who created this?

This was created by Ruben van der Leun. Easiest way to reach me is either via e-mail or via Twitter.